Perfect for the arts consultant and smaller boutique companies.

This listing allows you to select one of the 11 Business Areas and helps arts companies find your business by searching your Specialty Area.


Fee: $750 for a 12 month listing (that's less than $14.50 per week)

  • 1 x Business Area
  • 1 x Speciality Area

Note: Does not include a logo






Stand out from the crowd with a logo in your listing plus take advantage of unlimited Speciality Areas within your choosen area of business expertise. The perfect listing for the business with multiple services on offer.


Fee: $1,500 for a 12 month listing

  • 1 x Business Area
  • UNLIMITED Speciality Areas
  • Logo included





The ulimate listing where you can reach our arts member organisations in many different ways. With a Gold listing you get to select unlimited Business Areas and, within each Business Area, you can also select unlimited Specialty Areas.


You will also be featured year long on a rotational basis in our 'Foyer Business Introductions' on the home page. To top it off you get direct access to our members with the opportunity to place a promotional piece weekly in our Foyer News emails, plus 25% off any Creative Foyer weekly site advert.


Fee: $3,000 for a 12 month listing

  • UNLIMITED Business Areas
  • UNLIMITED Speciality Areas
  • Logo included
  • Featured on home page
  • 25% off advertising on Creative Foyer website
  • Weekly inclusion in our Foyer News emails



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