Questions for Crowd Pleasers


What is a Crowd Pleaser?

A Crowd Pelaser is our community of Freelancers. The majority of Crowd Pleasers are individuals working from home or small collectives collaborating on tasks as they pop up.

Who can be a Crowd Pleaser?

Anyone. All you need to do is


Is Creative Foyer a not for profit organisation?

No. Creative Foyer is an Australian registered company operating under a trust structure. Creative Foyer is an independent organisation and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of any other company.


What is the difference between a Foyer Crowd member and having a Creative Foyer account?

Signing up as a Foyer Crowd member means that you are subscribing to our various e news bulletins. A Creative Foyer account feature is only required if you want to list jobs, opportunities, businesses and resumes on Creative Foyer.


Do I have to become a Foyer Crowd member or create a Creative Foyer account?

No way. Although subscribing to our e news bulletins is a great way to keep up to date with the latest going ons in the Foyer, this is completely optional. Most of Creative Foyer is also free to access without needing an account or having to sign in.

What happens with/to my personal information collected by Creative Foyer?

All personal information is collected inline with Creative Foyer’s Privacy Policy which can be viewed by clicking here.

Does Creative Foyer receive any form of government funding?

No. Creative Foyer is not aligned or funded by any government agency. This is to ensure that Creative Foyer remains solely accountable to servicing our Foyer Crowd members and their express needs.

Is Creative Foyer a recruitment agency?

No. Creative Foyer provides an opportunity for arts employees and employers to list and search opportunities but we do not in anyway provide recruitment services or referrals.