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    How do you recreate the 1920s?

    For the 'Sydney Moderns' exhibition the Art Gallery of NSW has recreated Hera Roberts' room from the famous 1929 Burdekin House. Find out how they did it with this glimpse of behind the scenes.

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    Career interviews with Arts leaders


    Arthur Frame AM

    Have you got the right frame of mind when it comes to touring, indigenous artists, culture in communities and funding? Tune in to hear the views of Arthur Frame, Artistic Director of Artslink, and get to know the man behind the job along the way.

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    Industry trends and opinions


    April to June quarter: Less arts jobs but better pay

    While arts job listings fell by 8% to 312 for the April to June quarter there was a noticeable increase in jobs paying $80 - $100K versus a significant decrease in jobs paying $20K or less.


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    Industry trends and opinions


    No room for craft in a Creative Australia

    It’s all about big bucks focused on the major performing arts agencies after the obligatory reference to indigenous work. So what happened to support for the crafts?


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    6 ways to stop procrastinating at work and get more done

    If you’re feeling worried, fearful and stressed out, or your behaviour is causing others to feel anxious because you’re holding up progress, then it’s time to take action.

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    Creative clues for your business


    3 ways to get more time out of less

    You can achieve more in a constrained market without running your employees into the ground. These three steps will get your team focused on the work that really drives growth.

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    Two festival experiences in Cairns

    15 - 18 Aug & 24 Aug - 1 Sept


    There’s never been a better time to head to Cairns. From 15-18 August CIAF Presents celebrates Queensland’s indigenous arts and culture. Then from 24th of August Cairns Festival kicks off.

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    the latest industry appointments


    Graeme Mason new Chief Executive Officer of Screen Australia

    The Board of Screen Australia is delighted to have appointed Mr Graeme Mason as the new Chief Executive Officer of Screen Australia.

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    arts crowdfunding success stories


    Look outside your hood

    It’s easy to dream up rewards for donors when you have something tangible to provide. Fundraising for the production of a short film such as Kindred ticks that box with the opportunity to attend the screening. But what if people can’t attend an event as a reward?

    So what’s been stopping you from tapping into the funds from the crowd? Could it be that you don’t think you have a mass appeal? Well at Creative Foyer we love this arts crowdfunding success story because it only took 82 people to make it a reality. - See more at: http://www.creativefoyer.com.au/dev/inspire/crowdpleasers#sthash.UQyHzUqr.dpuf  
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    Pearls of wisdom for the Arts


    When scrambling leads to poaching
    Poaching is alive and well as our returned Prime Minster Rudd has shown. But the Dame finds the poaching runs deeper than stealing a job or a promotion; ideas are up for grabs too. Find how to combat this workplace theft.

  • access all areas
    Making arts work for people with disability


    Beyond Technique at Bundanon

    Bundanon Trust heads into new territory with the Beyond Technique Residency, a pilot program of disability-inclusive dance.

  • deadly arts
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practice


    And the winners of the 2013 NIMAs are…

    More than 2000 people from across Australia have come together for the 2013 National Indigenous Music Awards.


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    Financial expertise and advice


    So you want to start a consulting business?

    Many regard consulting to be a lucrative profession. While that may be true to some extent, consulting also has its fair share of very hard work and sleepless nights

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    Governing the arts


    What is the board’s role in the organisation’s culture?

    While the leadership team is responsible for developing, activating and managing the organisation’s culture, the board has a crucial governance role to play in facilitating a successful cultural outcome.

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    Federal Arts Minister Tony Burke

    We caught up with the man charged with being the country's cultural caretaker. Find out what this one time roadie would be lost without and what he sees as the next big challenge for the arts.




    In this delightfully candid Creative Talk interview get to know Kate Brennan, CEO of Federation Square - the glistening jewel in Melbourne's busy arts and culture scene. Find out what Kate thinks about the power of the arts experience... and Liam Neeson?



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