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Southlands Breakthrough Award Recipients

Source: The Joan

The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre is pleased to announce the recipients of the inaugural Southlands Break through Awards.


Aanisa Vylet, Blush Opera and Victoria Garcia have been announced as the recipients of this prestigious new Award, each receiving $5000 toward the development of exciting, new projects in the areas of music, visual arts and theatre. The Award will enable each artist to take the next step in their creative practice bringing exciting new cultural elements to the local community.


Aanisa Vylet will be developing The Woman a sequel to her first play. She will continue her work toward creating new Australian narratives that are universal, brave and entertaining, regardless of their cultural, social or geographic limitations.


The Woman is based on Aanisa’s relationship with her mother. Both polite feminists trying to break free from a male-dominated community, they love each other and have very different views on what it is to be a woman in this day and age.

Blush Opera aka Paul Smith and Jermaine Chauaims to widen the appeal of opera to diverse audiences by exploring the theatrical, comedic and parlour extremes of opera. They will develop Chop Chef – a vibrant musical and visual composition that explores the themes, relationships and social tropes represented in popular food-themed reality series on Australian television today.

Following in the style of their Ladies who Brunch and Wish Me Dead, the chance to further develop Chop Chef provides Blush Opera with the opportunity to continue to bring opera to everyone’s table.

Victoria Garcia is a visual and textile artist whose art practice spans textiles, drawing, murals, installation and projection art. Her eclectic work is influenced by her background and formative experiences, affinity with indigenous and nomadic cultures, and the natural world, where she finds inspiration, solace, identity and spirituality.

Victoria will create an ambitious, immersive graphic installation, titled Nature Palace, that will be engineered and adapted to the architecture of the exhibition space, using both hand painted and printed panels. Audiences will be invited into the space to experience, interact and connect with a dramatic transformation of the environment in real time.

Image supplied Left to right Paul Smith ( Blush Opera) Aanisa Vylet Jermaine Chau ( Blush Opera) Missing Victoria Garcia



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