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Mardi Gras Day for Night party mixes music, performance, installations and dance

Source: SMH

Twenty-four-hour parties don't usually leave you feeling smarter or more enlightened. Quite the opposite, in fact. Not so Day for Night, the queer arts and culture bacchanal that blends music, performance, installations and dancing into what its curator Jeff Khan describes as "a non-stop mini-arts festival".

"We'll have everything imaginable," Khan says. "And quite a lot that's unimaginable."

This year's Day for Night, a Mardi Gras highlight, even allows for some downtime, with the 24-hour event broken down into two 12-hour marathons, running from noon to midnight. Each features unique art and performance programming, and two party sets from DJ duo Stereogamous (AKA Jonny Seymour and Paul Mac). A $50 ticket gets you access to the lot, and you can come and go as you like. For Seymour, the event is a matter of civic as well as queer pride.

"There's so much negativity in Sydney about our nightlife at the moment," Seymour says. "People are saying if you want to party, you have to move to Melbourne. Day for Night is like a reaction to that. We really do live in one of the most marvellous cities in the world – a super friendly, queer-centric city – and we want to push back against the negativity in a fabulous, glittery way." Click here to read more ...



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