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Facing the facts - meet our Arts Minister

The facts:


  • Senator George Brandis is the Federal Minister for the Arts.
  • Brandis spent $13,000 of tax-payer funds on his personal library.
  • He’s a Queenslander (well, actually he was born in Sydney, but has lived most of his life in the Sunshine State).
  • He should be addressed as ‘The Honorable’ and he is a QC.
  • His photo on the Senator page of the Parliament of Australia website is seriously out of date.
  • Brandis repaid $1,683 he claimed from taxpayers to foot the bill to attend a private wedding of a friend and former right-wing radio commentator, Michael Smith.
  • The Brandis electoral office address suggests he is a nature-lover; Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street.
  • He’s taking the ACT Government to the High Court claiming their pending law to allow same-sex marriage is invalid.
  • After the recent election Brandis said "Sophie Mirabella is a good friend of mine and I feel sorry for her position", (Oh, so he’s the one friend).
  • On 4 September, in an ABC radio interview, Brandis stated central to the Coalition’s arts policy is the celebration of excellence and the rejection of calls of elitism in doing so. In defining excellence he sited the Australian Ballet, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Opera Australia as examples.
  • George accused Labor of having a politically correct obsession when it came to arts funding.

So what does all this tell us?

I reckon if you’re a straight, cello playing Queenslander ornithologist who can do amazing things in a tutu, is prone to un-PC outbursts and is mad for Mirabella, then you’re sitting pretty. And to be sure you’re on a winning ticket, do the honorable thing and give the man a box of books, invite him to your wedding (of course pick-up his travel tab) and gush about how he doesn’t look a day older than his senator snap.

As for the rest of us, the next few years might prove to be a real pain in the arts.

Happy Ministerial schmoozing.

Dame Artie




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