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Things that don’t matter in your job search


Things that don’t matter and which you must stop spending even a second longer thinking about:


- whether you put your cover letter in the body of the email or attach it (hiring managers have varying preferences, but no one is going to reject you over it, unless you ignore specific instructions)
- whether you address your cover letter to “dear hiring manager” or a specific name (assuming no name is given — in other words, please don’t spend time tracking down the person’s name; we don’t care about this)
- whether you send a post-interview thank-you by email or in the mail (although email is faster)
- what you did in high school
whether your resume is one page or two (as long as you’re not right out of school)

No one cares. You’re hereby ordered to stop stressing over each of these things, and to put that part of your brain to use on something else, or even nothing at all.



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